Urbane Media Services

February 26, 2011

We are Publishers of Customized Content to your target demographic through Blogs,  Facebook, and Twitter. We increase your web site traffic so that you can sell more stuff.

Urbane Media is a full-service social media marketing and boutique digital agency based in Royal Oak, Michigan. We offer something other agencies just can’t promise. Our methods have been tested in-house on our own businesses first for the benefit of our clients. Our strategies result in measurable growth.


What began with apartment and lifestyle marketing has grown into our current varied roster of clients. We incorporate proven strategies to strengthen our clients’ online presence, build brand recognition, garner media attention and execute successful events. We can customize a plan that will suit your needs.

Branded Media

Becoming the media, not just using it, will attract the people you need to reach by giving them a branded experience of the content that means the most to them. Our marketing department has transformed into a media department. We think and act like publishers, editors, writers, producers and broadcasters rather than like promoters and campaigners.

“The Urbane Way” Breaks From the Pack of Marketing Commodity shunning traditional marketing for Social Media Marketing and PR. The Urbane Way effective uses of social media efforts are progressive and efficient – even cutting edge in the marketing industry. These marketing initiatives have been strategically integrated across multiple platforms to achieve sustaining business results.

Your web site is your electronic storefront.

The core purpose of this Social Media Marketing initiative is to increase traffic to your business web site, and secondary to establish engagement and two-way communication with your customers and prospects. There is a direct and proportionate correlation between increased web traffic and increased store traffic and sales.

Most business web sites are static

It is not uncommon for a business web site to not have been updated in years, equating to stale content. While the algorithms of how the search engines work can be complex, they operate on fresh and relevant content. Stale, static web sites fall out of favor with search engines quickly, and your electronic storefront falls lower and lower on the search engine chain.

Shoppers today type something into a search box

Over 70% of the time before making a purchase or deciding where to shop, shoppers type something into a search box. It is paramount for your business to be “searchable and found”. The days of needing to be AAA Grocery Store so you can be first in the Yellow Pages are long gone. You need to rank high in an Internet search for a multitude of key words and search strings for your business.

The cornerstone of your Social Media Marketing strategy is a blog, or an On Line Magazine.

A blog allows fresh and relevant content to be posted frequently. A well-crafted content plan laced with rich keywords and search strings raises the Internet awareness of your electronic storefront to be found by customers and prospects.


  1. Establish Online Brand Recognition and a Digital Footprint for Your Business
  2. Foster and build a Community of Interest and followers for Your Business
  3. Establish Your Business as searchable on Google and Bing search engine results and rankings
  4. Monitor and respond to what folks are saying on line about Your Business