GLife provides exceptional products and amenities, designed buildings and spaces that are both attractive and functional and become outstanding corporate citizens. GLife provides pedestrian-friendly, ecologically sensitive and architecturally distinctive living choices, while preserving local heritage and reviving urban life.

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Go Solo Episode 2, Royal Oak MI Urbane Apartments

Follow Sara as she gets set to take a Go Solo Tour to determine which apartments best fit her lifestyle in Royal Oak, MI… Urbane Apartments or the Beige Box Complex? Related Posts What's in it for them? Discussing partnership marketing Jill from Vitaminwater stopped by our office yesterday. If you've been to...
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Go Solo Episode 1, Royal Oak MI Urbane Apartments

A day in the life begins for two Apartment Leasing Consultants in Royal Oak: Carrie from Urbane Apartments, and James from The Beige Box Apartments. Related Posts Apartment Marketing Outreach; Jazz Up Your Outreach Efforts and Results Hello Apartment Marketing Friends! Hope your week has gone well, We have a few new Apartment Marketing...
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The Urbane Lab; Paragon Series 4

Justin Dunkel from Paragon Apartments and Eric Brown from teh Urbane Way talk Internet marketing for Apartments Related Posts Your New Best Friend, Remember that nervous feeling just before your first date, and wondering about if you really even wanted to go? That is kind of what it feels like when you start courting...
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The Urbane Lab; Paragon Series 3

After making your selection, copy and paste the embed code above. The code changes based on your selection. Related Posts Becoming a Media Partner We have had a great run with a series of Partnership Marketing events this spring and summer, and we are on the lookout for like arrangements in the future. Although...
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The Urbane Lab; Paragon Series 2

Eric Brown from The Urbane Way Apartment and Internet Marketing talk shop with Justin Dunkel from Paragon Apartments. Related Posts Just another day at the Urbane Space I was talking to Urbane Apartments' Eric Brown today, and he said something that made perfect sense to me: "Why would any apartment owner not offer up...
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