The Lines Are Blurred, It is ALL Advertising

April 1, 2013

It was great meeting Duncan Alney from Firebelly Marketing last week for an impromptu breakfast. Duncan was in Michigan for a client visit. Our conversation over coffee drifted to “Content Marketing” a label Duncan claims to dislike. After our meeting it occurred to me that what we really are are Advertisers, except it Doesn’t Look Like Advertising. Shouting at Prospects to Buy Something is no longer effective. 

Although there are a lot of labels, I think at the end of the day anyone in Social Media are Advertisers, selling Advertising. But advertising is wrapped differently than ever before, it is about telling the brands story in a meaningful way that the potential and future and existing customers of the brands we represent have a connection and are moved to buy something. There are a myriad of Blurred Lines with how effective advertising works today and dozens of labels, from Content Marketing to Storytelling to Partnership Marketing. 
Forget the Label, How do Move These Ideas to Paying Clients
The paragraph title is crucial. Selling Digital Marketing to Clients is a challenge. Selling Digital Advertising to Merchants and Retailers is even more of a challenge. It seems as though folks equate selling Digital Advertising to Banner Ads. Engineered properly, it is much more than Banner Ads. What about “Sponsored Stories” or  “Email Blasts”, what is the value to a retail merchant, who’s product offering aligns with our Urbane Life Brand to be included in a regular email blast, assuming the offering is something that our brand finds of value. How much value is there for U-Haul to “Sponsor” and have brand coverage and local deals on our Urbane Life Move in Letters? What is the value for Westborn Market to be able to articulate their wonderful gourmet on the go dinners to our on the go demographic? 
The short answer is, it depends on how much they sell. How much they sell depends on how effective our Digita Marketing is for their Advertising Campaign, and in addition to how solid our Friends, Fans and Following are. We are Full Circle back to the value of Your Circle of Influence , a post from 2010 when we made the decision to extend our social reach to 10,000 Facebook Fans. Fast forward to today, and we significantly exceeded those numbers and have a strong and solid Social Outreach with the Urbane Life Brand, one that retailers and merchants are finding advertising value in.  

Eric Brown

Eric’s background is rooted in the rental and real estate industries. He founded metro Detroit’s Urbane Apartments in 2003, after serving as senior vice president for a major Midwest apartment developer. He established a proven track record of effectively repositioning existing rental properties in a way that added value for investors while enhancing the resident experience. He also established Urbane Media, a social media marketing and PR laboratory, where innovative marketing ideas are tested. Eric has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Business Week Magazine. You can connect with Urbane_Media on Twitter. Eric also writes regular articles for the following publications;  Multi Housing News Social Media Examiner Search Engine Guide

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